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Online Dance classes-Schedule and Policies

Click here to go to our registration page to create an online account to enroll in a class

After enrollment is confirmed and tuition paid you will be emailed a confirmation email and the link to the class


Download the Zoom application-

It does work a little better with a computer, but a phone or tablet is great too

Click the same link each week for class

  • Enter class on time- Please join the zoom meetings on time. Each student will automatically be added to the “waiting room.”  The instructor will open the class at the starting time, or a few minutes prior and let everyone in from the waiting room.  

  • The instructor will stay on the link for 10 minutes, if students do not join by the first 10 minutes the class will be closed

  • Please change the name on Zoom to the students name before class

  • Introduction- There will be a 5 minute introduction time at the beginning of each class

  • Mute- After the introduction, the instructor will use the Mute option as needed to limit distractions

  • Camera- The students camera needs to remain on during class.  We need to see the students to make sure they are doing movements safely and correctly

  • Space to dance safely- We understand that everyone will have different space options and we will work with students to safely dance in the space they have available 

  • Proper Attire-  Proper dance attire should still be worn during classes

  • Water Bottle- Make sure to have a water bottle on hand to use during class 

  • Limit Distractions- Try to limit distractions for other students and the instructor- Pets, siblings, moving the device

  • Safety- These zoom links are ONLY given out to registered students, require a password, and students will only be allowed into class from the waiting room if we are familiar with them.  The safety of our students is #1.  Please DO NOT share these with anyone or have anyone else join a student on video. Have anyone interested in online classes email to get info and links

  • All registered students will be notified and sent new passwords and links if they change

  • Activity of any kind comes with some risk.  By attending any UTD class online or in person you understand that risk and release UTD from any liability

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