Miss. Patsy (Patricia) Mallett

Miss. Patsy has been dancing since she was 4 years old and teaching since she was 19.  She is highly trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Belly Dance and Zumba!! She is a nationally certified Dance Master of America and has taken classes from world renown dancers and choreographers 

including: Laurianne Gibson, Twitch, Bobby Newberry and Tabitha and Napolean.

Miss. Patsy is driven by her love for children, music and movement. She has traveled the world dancing, she spent 6 months teaching in an orphanage in Mexico, and even a summer camp in Italy! With the opening of her dance studio her life dream has come to fruition! She invites you to be a part of that dream every time you come to class!


Miss. Jana


Miss. Jana started dancing when she was just 3, and has been teaching dance since she was only 7 years old when she started choreographing for cheer teams! At UTD she  teaches hip hop and for our performance team, but also teaches contemporary, jazz, acrobatics, cheer and more.  She is studying at Western WA University to become a high school drama teacher.  Her favorite thing about teaching is when she gets to see the look on a students face after the moment of a big learning breakthrough! 

tori 1.jpg

Miss. Tori (Victoria) Aguirre

Miss. Tori began dancing and gymnastics when she was 5 years old. She had a passion for dance even then, after meeting Miss. Patsy at her "14th Birthday Hip Hop Dance party" it only grew and they have been lifelong friends/family ever since! She has a competitive background in Hip Hop, Jazz, and Lyrical.  She has attended competitions and conventions with famous choreographers and dancers. In her own words " Hip hop is my Jam!! There is something about the edgy movement, energizing music, and endless room for attitude that just sparks a fire in my soul!" 

Tori also has a passion for animals, and is working toward her career as a vet tech! Her and her partner Gabe have a beautiful baby boy names Jaxon and a sweet Pit Bull named  Nahla


Miss. Brianna Hackler

"Bri Bird"

Bri has been Pole dancing since 2015, when she stumbled into a class in Kalispell, Montana as part of a newspaper story she was writing. In 2017, Bri, known on stage as Bri Bird, started participating in Pole competitions, earning a gold medal at the Aerialympics in Portland.  She also placed first at Pole Sport's Emerald Pole Championship in Seattle, and second at the Northwest Pole Championships.

Bri is known for her quirky performance style and bringing hilarious characters to life on stage. Bri is a Graphic Designer and photographer for her "day job." When not in the studio, Bri can be found camping, hiking, and enjoying her home in Anacortes with her husband and very stubborn cat. 

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