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Ballet, Tap, Creative Dance  Combinations-

Dancing Babies-    12 months -3 years old

Dancing Darlings-   4 years- 6 years old

Dancing Combos-   7 years and up

These are combination classes made to introduce young or 1st time dancers to Ballet, Tap and Jazz. We want our little ones to discover a love for dance while learning to point their toes, develop balance, listen carefully and recognize proper arm and foot placement.  With quickly moving activities and fun age appropriate music dancers absorb the basics and get to know how their bodies move.

Dancing Babies- 

This class is designed as a low-pressure, relaxed introduction to movement and a great opportunity to socialize with children their own age. Dancers and parents will be barefoot as we work on stretching, basic motor development with the use of fun colorful props including a parachute! We use classic songs like the hokey pokey and Monkeys jumping on the bed to encourage memorization and music recognition.

We have lovingly nicknamed this class:

"Adults move around like crazy while the kids look at us funny"

This class is always full of laughs and fun!! 

An adult must accompany each child throughout the class. Walking ability is important! 

Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop is a high energy class that starts with basic Hip Hop technique and infused classic Hip Hop styles with the latest street dancing.  Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Hip Hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves, therefore class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a rigorous warm-up to help prepare students for intense movements

We offer Hip Hop to ages 4 years to adults, check the schedule here to see when they are offered

Drop in's always welcome!!

Adult Classes

We are so proud of our adult classes at UTD! 

Classes are only $15 each 

Hip Hop

Belly Dance



Pole Fitness- Coming Jan 2020

More Info Below

Sessions focus on a specific style of dancing and run for 4-8 weeks. 


Burlesque derives from the Italian word  burlesco, which, in turn, is derived from the Italian burla – meaning joke, ridicule or mockery. This is a low key, fun class full of laughs!!! Our classes focus on positive body image, fun, and self love.  This is our most popular adult class and we offer it about every 8 or 9 weeks.

Optional Performance opportunities available!


This class focuses on expressive movement, fluid transitions, and natural forms.  Contemporary modern technique builds from foundations of working with/against gravity, contracting and releasing, basic coordination and illustration emotions through organic, physical movement.

Students dance in bare feet

Belly Dance-

Don't be afraid to feel beautiful in your own skin! Be proud of your womanly form!

Raqs Sharqi or Eastern Dance commonly called "Belly Dance" is a dance form available to all ages, shapes, and sizes. Raqs Sharqi style meaning "Dance of the Orient" is a classical cabaret style of Egyptian dancing developed during the early 20th century. 

Miss. Renah's foundational series of classes will focus on the "classical" body alignment, movements used at every level of this dance to reduce injuries, encourage fun and celebrate femininity!  

Each class hour will have a warm up, technique, choreography, and cool-down segments. Throughout the course students will be introduced to both the cultural considerations and the varied rich histories surrounding this beautiful and exotic art form.

Hip Hop- Refer to Hip Hop Class description

Pole Fitness-

Due to COVID we are only offering duo classes (2 students only) at this time.  With the popularity of these classes you can register for our Waiting List that we pull directly from to fill our open spots.  This is the ONLY way to get into a Pole Class at this time,

Follow this link to our registration portal to register and add yourself to the waiting list.  If you do not have experience with Pole Dancing please join the INTRO to Pole waiting list, if you do have experience be sure to join the Beginning Pole Wait List.  We will do our best to work with your schedule to get you in when it is your turn. 

Join the pole dance students at Unique Technique Dance and truly learn to fly! Our pole fitness classes are designed to empower dancers to be stronger, more confident people in the studio and throughout their everyday lives through this fun, engaging class. Get a full body workout while enjoying a positive, inclusive environment that encourages growth, both physically and mentally. All fitness types are welcome, and no previous experience is necessary! Pole dance is perfect for anyone, at any level. 


These classes are for beginners with little or no previous pole or aerial experience. Classes start with a full-body warm up and conditioning before moving into training tricks, spins, holds and climbs. Trust us - this will be the most fun you’ll ever have working out! Classes will include choreography to work on flow and tie what you learn together, so you can leave with a completed piece. The class will conclude with a cool down and stretch session. 


Many people believe that they don’t have the strength or flexibility to start pole dancing. Step into one of our beginner sessions for just one month, and see how strong, sexy and confident you can become, all while laughing and having fun.

What to wear???

Please wear a tank top and shorts to class so you can get used to the pole on your skin, you might bruise or get a "pole burn" but that is half the fun! Your skin will get used to it after awhile. You are welcome to layer up and take off warmer layers as you get comfortable.


Adult Dance Workshops/Additional Classes-

Theater, ACro, Tap, Twerkshops (Hip Hop/Twerking), Exercise classes, and more!

These classes are offered sparingly throughout the year, but with interest we can always plan classes or workshops of ALL kinds!!!

Performance Groups

Intermediate Jazz Performance Team

Competition Teams
Performances opportunities for adults

The UTD Performance Team is designed to inspire young dancers to take their dancing to the next level! 
We will focus on building Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop technique and performance quality movement.  Dancers in these levels can learn to focus not only on a personal level in class, but how to work and perform well as a team.
Students will learn a new routine every 10-14 weeks to perform locally at retirement homes, schools, local events and dance competitions in Seattle.

This is an intermediate class, students must have 2 or more years of dance experience and be enrolled in at least one other dance class at UTD.


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