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COVID Policies and Procedures 

To keep our students and staff safe we have instituted new policies and procedures.  While registering for classes you will be prompted to read, sign and agree to all of this information. 

Thank you for your understanding and support through this unprecedented time.

Class sizes-

  • All classes are limited to 10 students at the most

  • We have plenty of room to allow 6ft of distance between each student

  • We have place markers on the floor to remind children to give each other space 

  • All belongings now go in separate baskets spread out around the studio, which are disinfected between each class

  • No touching or sharing between students 

  • Please have them bring a water bottle to every class 

Other policies-

  • Communication: If you/your child enroll in a class, and cannot or do not wish to continue, please communicate with us. Please email and let us know. This is very important!

  • Parents and adult dancers must conduct their own health assessment prior to arriving at the studio. This includes taking temperature and discussing all COVID19 symptoms

  • If any symptoms occur, or students have been near anyone with symptoms within 14 days PLEASE let us know and DO NOT COME TO DANCE

  • If we move back to Phase 1 for any reason, all classes will continue online through the zoom program

  • If any of our students or instructors test positive or come in contact with others that test positive for COVID, we will let everyone know (without revealing names or personal information at all) and return to online classes through zoom

  • Any Missed classes due to COVID can be made up in the future as long as we know before the missed class

  • Students must bring their own water bottle, snacks and lunch (for camps) No sharing of food or beverages 


  • All surfaces in the studio are sanitized multiple times a day with a product called  H2Orange2 (made of cold-pressed orange oil and hydrogen peroxide) which is a very high quality cleaner, virucide, and sanitizer

We will add and change these policies as things progress.  Your kindness, understanding and support during these difficult times is extremely appreciated! 

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