Register for dance classes  and events

We use the Studioware program for all of our dance class and event registration

It is very important to complete registration and enrollment before coming to a dance class.  This program will give you all the information you need,  answer most of your questions, keep all of your information safe, and connect you with our waivers

Please follow these directions carefully to enroll in a class

  • This program is easier to use with a computer vs. a phone! 

  • Check current schedule here for class times 

  • Only begin registration once you know what class you want to enroll in- email with questions

  • Click "Register for classes through Studioware" below to be directed to our software

  • Enter you or your child's full information

  • The program will then prompt you to re-log into the program 

  • That is when you will choose the classes to enroll in 


If you do not fully finish this process you will not be completely enrolled in a class and  might loose your spot in the class

If you have trouble completing registration please email us at

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